Electronics 4

As mechanical engineers, how many times have we been stuck with electronics problems? How many time did we find it hard to get through all those issues with interfacing with the electronics?

My experience is that, most of the times,  a basic knowledge in analogue and digital electronics is really helpful into reaching the goal of research projects faster and better. Many times in the past I felt like lost into that mad world of transistors, op-amp, ICs and micros... until I had the chance to attend some courses on fundamentals electronics and also to get in touch with many electronics experts that helped me to figure out what was happening with my measurement chain or my robot.

Now, with my blog I will try to spread some of the knowledge I used throughout my projects, in form of:

  • easy applicative tutorial on everyday engineer's problems
  • simple article into the general application of certain electronic components into the mechanical engineer's world

Hope you will enjoy!